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Hello, my friends and welcome back to Discovertheanime.com. In today’s article, we are going to discover the watch order of one of the most famous anime of nowadays as we know that the watch order is one of the most important things you should know about a series before starting watching it. Therefore, today we will discover its watch order. Now the question is we are going to discuss the watch order of which anime series, well surely that is Dr. Stone guys. So let's begin by discussing it, my friends!

Dr. Stone Plot:

Before moving towards our main topic of its watch order, first, we have to know about the plot of this Japanese animation. The story of this anime’s first season revolves around a scholarly boy named Senku Ishigami, who has a great interest in science. The plot begins when he wakes up in a new world and finds that all the individuals have become stone there. Dr. Stone follows the story of this boy when he decided to uncover the mystery behind it and to make this universe alive again. In the next season 2 of this anime series, the story continues as Senku Ishigami develops the cell phone again using his expertise in science and builds up a plan with his intimates to overcome the Tsukasa Shishio Empire’s intimates. Although it is not very easy to win a stone war against evil Tsukasa Shishio, our main character and his intimates still worked hard to win this battle.

Dr. Stone Watch Order:

The watch order of this Japanese animation consists of three specials and three seasons. Although its third season has been released, it was confirmed by the officials earlier this year.

1. Dr. Stone Season 1


2. Dr. Stone: Sekikashita Kusanagi

3. Dr. Stone: Stone Wars - Kaisen Zenya Special Eizou

4. Dr. Stone Season 2

5. Dr. Stone: Ryuusui

 Now If we talk about its movies, spin-offs, OVA’s, and Live Action films then this series has not anyone yet but maybe in the future, we will get all of these due to its increasing popularity.

Dr. Stone Chronological Order:

The chronological order of this anime is the same as its watch order. However, in most cases, the chronological order is entirely different from the watch order but it's not the case here in this series.


So That’s all from Dr. Stone's watch order and at the end, the conclusion is that guys it is very important to understand the significance of knowing the watch order of any anime series or movie. As it helps you to watch them in a pattern that makes them more enjoyable and exciting for you. I hope that you'll find this article informative and interesting and after reading this one now you'll be able to watch the Dr. Stone series in an effective order, my friends. Thanks for reading it guys.

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