Top 5 Anime With Badass MC (Recommendations)

Hello Guys and welcome to an interesting and amazing article by In today's article, we are going to discover those top 5 anime that have badass or OP MC. So today's article will be very interesting for all of you okatus. Now let’s begin by discussing them.

Darker than Black:

The story of this Japanese animation begins with the discovery of an untraversable area in Japan about a few years ago which was later named Hell’s Gate. At that time when this area was discovered, some spiritualists were best known for using miraculous powers for the sake of their desires also. But the real story begins after a few years of that when a Chinese girl named Hei, who is one of these spiritual agents with his sightless companion Yin revealed to be working with a large number of organisations whose mission is to solve the peculiar mystery of this untraversable area which they called Hell’s Gate.


The plot of this one revolves around a boy named Shichika Yasuri who is Kyoto's Japanese karate school’s head. In this series, our mc lives with his beloved sister named Nanami on an island. The real story begins when he has been assigned a task by a girl named Togame, who is a samurai commander. The task is to accumulate all the twelve swords which were manufactured by Shikizaki Kiki, who is one of the best samurai in their history.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K:

In this anime series, our MC named Kusuo Saiki is also very cool and badass as he is not a normal human. He has miraculous powers of foreknowledge and he can also read the thoughts of others. Although he held on to his miraculous powers since his childhood, now at the age of sixteen, when he is in high school he is now leaving his hold on them. Now, what happened? The Disastrous Life of Saiki K follows the story of our MC’s new life when he revealed his miraculous powers.

Quanzhi Gaoshou:

In this one, our MC is a boy named Ye Xiu, who is one of the best players of an MMORPG game named Glory until he was emphatically thrown out from it. However, it's not the end for him as after a few years when his favourite game launches its new server he makes a comeback in this game with an entirely new character. Now with his expertise skills and a great experience in this game his journey to retain his top-ranking position begins. This anime series follows the story of Yeh Xiu's journey to becoming the top-ranking player of his favourite game once again.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion:

Now it's the time for our top-rated anime series that is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. In this one, the story of our MC named Lelouch begins with the invasion of Japan by the British Empire a few years ago after which Japan was named Area 11. Our MC in this series Lelouch is also a British student who comes to Japan for his studies and one who hates the Japanese kingdom. But the whole story changes as one day during a terrorist strike he meets a mysterious girl who bestowed him with the miraculous powers of controlling the brains of others. Now the main question arises is that will he use these powers in the battle for independence or will he do thoughtless actions in his hate for the Japanese kingdom. This anime series describes Lelouch's battle for the freedom of Japan.


So in the end the conclusion is that my friends all of my recommendations have very cool and overpowered main characters. Although, some are cool and Badass out of the way and some are normal only but still these are the best ones if you want to watch an anime with Badass MC I hope you guys also think the same, and today's article will be very helpful and interesting for all of you. Thanks for reading it guys.

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